“Hot Girl Wears Fat Suit On Tinder Dates, Proves That Guys Can Be Pretty Shallow”

I have seen this “Hot Girl Wears Fat Suit On Tinder Dates, Proves That Guys Can Be Pretty Shallow” a lot on the Internet and its just wrong.

How can anyone say this? There is a massive difference between the photos and what they did to her. These men aren’t horrible, they are reacting to someone who lied to them. Women would have had the same reaction, just perhaps be nicer about it. 

Since when is having a preference in your sexual partner a “shallow” thing? You cannot help who you like, correct? 

Women do have legitimate fears of meeting strangers online that men don’t but to go to such extremes and lie to people is not the way to go about it or show it.

And pardon me but “Hot Chick”??? She is only a hot chick when she is skinny????? The people who made this amazing piece of horseshit are shallow themselves.

Moral of the story – Don’t lie to people. Especially when you are looking to build a relationship on trust.


Depression is hard and it breaks my heart that people suffer in silence

The two reasons I am upset today is:

A talented man, who devoted his life to bringing people joy, took his own life because of depression or whatever reason and no one saw this coming…

Almost everyone whose tweets and posts I read or even spoke to in person today did not know the man. That doesn’t take away how they felt or how he touched or inspired their lives.  The shock is what scares and breaks my heart the most because it really made me see how so many people suffer in silence.

As a comic myself, who suffers from bouts of depression and one who knows many comedians who do as well, it’s always a shock to me that people who bring so much joy to the world, especially on such a enormous level as Robin Williams could be hurting so secretly.

Please don’t suffer in silence.  There is so much strength in reaching out and asking for help.

The greatest thing I will take away from Robin Williams is that we need to be there for one another. We need to nicer to everyone, even when we’re having a bad day ourselves because we have no idea what’s going on inside anyone else. Robin showed us that compassion through his comedy and did it in the most beautiful way.

He will be missed

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